Rao Kasal Public School


We, at Rao Kasal Public School, believe that education incorporates all aspects of Personal Development. In order to achieve balance it is essential that students develop all aspects of their lives. As part of the school program, physical education, yoga, regular exercise, value and appreciation of healthy choices are incorporated into daily learning routines. Self-expression and creativity are also fostered in a learning environment that encourages scientific reasoning, artistic exploration and performance.

Rao Kasal Pubic School, Kasna is managed by Rao Kasal Academy Prabandh Samiti registered under society, act. The chairman of school, Shri Harish Chand Bhati Ex-minister Uttar Pradesh Government, is a prominent political leader and absolutely committed to social development through education. His commitment to society endeavored him to establish Rao Kasal Public School in year 1989.

Our Motto

“EDUCATION FOR ALL” सब पढ़ें सब बढ़ें

Our Vision

“Education is never by chance, it is by choice. It is not a thing to be waited, it is a thing to be established.”

Our Mission

Striving towards excellence. We strive to provide –“Stimulus and Safe Learning Environment”, “Encouraging Creativity”, “Individual Thinking to Develop Positive Self Esteem.”


We aspire to provide our students “Good Academic Knowledge”, “True Life Skills” and “To Develop All Round Personality by Enhancing Physical and Mental Capabilities.”

We at Rao Kasal Public School commit ourselves to:

  • Deliver quality education comparable with the best in its class.
  • To provide best Educational Facilities at Affordable Cost.
  • To set in students Value Sets and Attitude for Value Based Education to fulfill their Life Ambitions.
  • To create Effective Interface with Parents, Teachers and Students.
  • To build up Top Notch Teaching Faculty who can mould the students in desired manner.
  • To create the Positive Environment where student participate willingly to learn Life Skills.
  • To build and keep safe Child Centered Learning Environment , to achieve all round Academic Excellence.
  • Empowerment through Education and Skill Development.