Rao Kasal Public School

Principal's Desk

Education is never by chance, it is by choice. Education is not a thing to be waited; it is a thing to be established. We at R K Public school appreciate it in totality. Our motto is "Education for All". We wish to empower students with education and skill developments. In order to achieve it, the school strives to provide stimulus and safe learning environment, to encourage creativity and positive individual thinking so that students develop positive self-esteem. We at R K School are committed to -

Deliver quality education comparable with best in its class.
To Provide best educational facilities at affordable cost.
To set in students Value Sets and attitude for value based education to ful fill their life ambitions.
To create effective interface with parents, teachers and students.
To build up Top Notch Teaching Faculty who can mould the students in desired manner.
To Create the positive environment where student participate willingly to learn life skills.
Empowerment through education and skill development.

We know class curriculum is only a part of students educational experience. For all round development of the students we encourage our students to activity participate in co-curricular activities like dramatics, musical activities, debate, study tours, science projects, various hobbies clubs, sports and games.